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Amazing tours in Santorini

Make your own tour is the only way to enjoy in private style the incredible beauties and the spectacular sightseeing of Santorini. Rent the best car for your driving plan and start planning your daily tours to discover the island’s most breathtaking highlights.

Alternatively, you can pick one of the available private transportation options with luxurious private van-bus and an English-speaker guide. Sit back comfortably and enjoy a wonderful and relaxing tour in the most enchanting sights of Santorini.

Ask us for the car-rental or transportation options available and our team will find the perfect choice for you.LEARN MORE

Conquer the island by the sea

The 5-hour sailing adventure with CATAMARAN is the best option to visit the famous Red and White beach of the Volcano.

A fully-organized luxurious sailing tourin private or semi-private that is considered to be one of the most exciting experiences one can live in Santorini.

Enjoy the crystal clearwaters, the unique caldera, the volcanoand the breathtaking sunset of Santorini sailing with friends and family in a luxurious, warm style. A lifetime tour you will never forget!LEARN MORE

A tasty visit on traditional vineyards

The worldwide famous vineyards of Santorini is a not-miss situation.

For many visitors, this is the best way to explore the taste and the majestic scent of Santorini and of course, to find out why all the restaurants of the world include these fine wineson their winelists.

Such a visit to the nearby traditional vineyards is an opportunity to know everything about the winemaking procedure and taste the goods of various Santorineanwines.LEARN MORE

Enjoy an exciting donkey ride

Every visitor in Santorini absolutely LOVE donkey rides!

Donkey ridings are a traditional transportatio nway and also a sweet reminiscence of how people used to transport without cars many years ago.

The interaction with these lovely animals is an exciting experience and an alternative way to walk through the narrow paths enjoying the astonishing view of the island and the caldera.LEARN MORE